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    Juice Radio’s weekly live show schedule (All times are PST). Follow the show links for past podcasts & learn more about the people behind the mic on the host page! Shows are in order of initial broadcast during the week.

    Wednesdays – Tre’dmarks Radio 7-8 pm – Hosted by Q Dot & Tha Bizne$$ Man

    Every Wednesday 7-8 pm on Tre’dmarks Radio, Q Dot & Tha Bizne$$ Man will give up the game about the music industry as they see it sprinkled with a whole lot of randomness like only they do! Tre’dmarks Radio does not podcast.

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    Wednesdays – Cutz & Vibez 9-10 pm (Rerun Sat 10-11 pm) – Hosted by DJ SETitOFF & DJ Sleepy

    Every Wednesday 9-10 pm on Cutz & Vibez, DJ SETitOFF and DJ Sleepy combine to rock your world with the best that Drum & Base has to offer. Podcasts drop the following Friday on the Cutz & Vibez page.

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    ThursdaysSue Code 6-8 pm – hosted by Kangaroo Sue

    Sue CodeEvery Thursday at 6 pm Sue Code hosted by Kangaroo Sue is where shit goes down. The music selection will vary from local, underground and mainstream. She’ll be covering topics from sex, everyday ratchets, how to differentiate the impersonators and the “Real” ones, and even taking time, to really try and define what “REAL,” or what “That Life” they’re about, really is. Don’t you worry, even in all this joking it will get real. And she’ll try her best, with guests, to make sure you leave with some sort of explanation, or even a solution! #SueCode

    Kangaroo Sue!

    Thursdays - Fresh Juice 7-9 pm (Rerun Tue 6-8 pm) – Hosted by D-Money

    Our music director, D-Money, refreshes you every Thursdays 7-9 pm on Fresh Juice playing the new aadds to the station of all tastes and varieties nationally, locally, and internationally from the mainstream as well as the underground. Podcasts drop the following Saturday on the Fresh Juice page!

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    Fridays – Cognac & Cutz 8-11 pm (Rerun Mon 8-11 pm) - Hosted by DJ Sleepy

    DJ Sleepy - Cognac & CutzEvery Friday 8-11 pm on Cognac & Cutz get your night crackin’ off before you head out with DJ Sleepy! Cognac & Cutz podcasts are available HERE!

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    Saturdays - Blaze it Up 6-7 pm - Hosted by Ancesta

    AncestasSaturdays at 6 pm Blaze it Up hosted by Ancesta will showcases classic reggae and dancehall music from the early 70′s up to the current era chart toppers and club bangers. Selecting conscious tunes and spinnin high energy records is what “Blaze it Up” is bringing to Juice Radio.

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    Saturdays – Screwed Loose 7-9 pm (Rerun Tue 8-10 pm) – Hosted by On 1, Magnetic & Maz

    Every Saturday 7-9 pm on Screwed Loose, On 1, Magnetic & Maz bring  your weekly dose of indy music with weekly interviews, off-the-top hip hop, shows around the sound, and, of course, titties. Podcasts drop following Monday on Screwed Loose!

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    Sundays – Special Sunday 6-8 pm – hosted by Miss Special

    Special SundayEvery Sunday 6-8 pm, Juice syndicates San Francisco area podcast Special Sunday hosted by Miss Special. Special Sunday is all about hip hop, local events, artist interviews, and making you feel special! Podcasts can be found on the Special Sunday website!

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    Sundays – Smoove Grooves 8-9 pm – hosted by Tha Bizne$$ Man

    Every Sunday Tha Bizne$$ Man brings it back with a grown & sexy style Sundays 8-9 pm on Smoove Grooves, with that R&B that will make your toes curl and call up that special someone for some quality time.

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    Thursdays – Green Stream 4-5 pm – Hosted by On 1 & Grandma Cat

    Every Thursday at 4 pm on Green Stream catch up with On 1 and Grandma Cat as they talk about the news regarding the laws that may be finally ending the prohibition of marijuana. Every week they’re going to bring in/call in to people who know what’s next with I 502 and Ref 64, and show you ways to empower yourself to make the changes that need to be made for them to work.Green Stream podcasts are available HERE

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    Sundays – Come Down Wake Up 2-4 am & 8-10 am (Rerun Sat same times) – hosted by On 1 & Darren Selector

    Every Sunday at 2 & 8 am on the Come Down Wake Up Show, hosted by On 1 & Darren Selector, hear the most unique blend of urban-artsy music with a strong dose of Northwest indy hip hop for both the freaks coming out of the clubs and angels going to church in the morning. Come Down Wake Up does not podcast.

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