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    Learn who your hosts are behind the mic! Peep the show schedule to learn when you can hear them! Hosts are in alphabetical order.

    AncestasAncesta (Blaze it Up)

    Ancesta is all about culture, peace, and good music. Not native to the Fresh Coast, but has roots 2 plus decades in the region. While Hip Hop has played an instrumental role in Ancesta’s love for the musical arts, roots reggae and dancehall is where his heart is firmly grounded!

    As the dancehall reggae scene expands in the NW, it was only fair for Ancesta to add to the demand and contribute to the underground culture by developing a new radio show titled” Blaze it Up!”
    “Blaze it Up” showcases classic reggae and dancehall music from the early 70′s up to the current era chart toppers and club bangers. Selecting conscious tunes and spinnin high energy records is what “Blaze it Up” is bringing to Juice Radio. Ancesta is proud of being an addition to the assortments of flavas and personalities at Juice Radio. So for all who were thirsty for some culture music, prepare to be quenched!

    Contact Ancesta!

    D-Money (Program Director, Fresh Juice)

    D-MurdaD-Money, who is also the Program & Music Director of Juice, began his career in radio as a host on Central Washington University’s 88.1 The Burg. After a quarter he was named the next host of their weekly hip hop show, Burg Beats. Quickly, he was recognized as the best on-air personality at their end of year awards and was given the reigns to manage the station’s first all hip hop night called Thirsty Thursday. The experience coupled with his surprising discoveries of new music encouraged Q Dot to hire him as Juice’s Music Director in June of 2010. The move also brought his show and its format to Thursday nights where he renamed it Fresh Juice. Since taking on his duties at Juice Radio, he has completed his education with a Bachelor’s in Psychology and slowly became the station’s Program Director a year later. D has been responsible for starting many of the station’s ongoing fixtures geared for Northwest artists such as the Freshest in the Northwest list, Fresh Coast Faceoff & Fresh Coast is Major mixtape series. Follow him on twitter at @DMoneyJuice.

    Contact D-Money!

    DJ SetitOFF (Cutz & Vibez)

    DJ Set It OffVery rarely do you see this guy without headphones in his ears and bobbing his head to a favorite beat. Whether its in “The Vibe Room” or in the Juice studio, hip hop, R&B, and DnB, DJ SETitOFF is a fan of it all. Along side the Infamous DJ Sleepy, catch them both as they host the The Cutz & Vibez Show every 1st & 3rd Wednesday of the month. Turning things up a notch at 180 bpm, spinning and mixing the best of Drum & Bass around the world, DJ SETitOFF sets it off! A proud member of Juice Radio, representing the beats from the streets, if Mr SETitOFF is your navigator, you will always be on point. #Word! Follow him on twitter at @DJSETitOFF.

    Contact DJ SETitOFF!

    DJ Sleepy (Cognac & Cutz, Cutz & Vibez)

    DJ SleepyNative New Yorker, DJ Sleepy planted his roots in music from an early age. He has been djing since 1993 and began djing at local events in the Rave seen. As he matured and went to college he djing about 95% of all the college parties at ECSU in North Carolina. After working in the Def Jam Records college inter program, he was offered a full time position at the label in the summer of 2000. He continued to dj while making a name for himself in the underground scene in NYC. He developed Dream Team Promotions at Def Jam Records and made a strong foundation for the company while learning the business from Hip Hop pioneers. He was offered a better job at Elektra Entertainment Group as the market rep for NYC and street team manger. He also picked up accounts with Roc-A-Fella Records, Murder INC, Sony, Warner Bro, Motown and more.

    He then was offered a National Director of Promotion job for an Indy label in Seattle, Washington. He has continued to Dj around the Seattle Metro area and is still working in the Music Industry. He currently is working for Duck Down Records, while holding down his CEO position with Dream Team Promotions. Follow him on twitter at @infamous_Sleepy.

    Contact DJ Sleepy!

    DJ Unexpected (Enjoy and Be Educated)

    The Diggers UnionDJ Unexpected was born and raised in NYC (the Bronx, to be exact), and has been a hip-hop fan since the age of 6. At 16 he became a DJ and never looked back. DJ Unexpected has released countless mixes since 2004, covering a broad spectrum of music for the purposes of entertaining and educating. Coming from a family that appreciated all genres of music, it only seemed natural for him to continue that tradition. Whether it was classic records, films, or other nostalgia, collecting and discussing has always been prevalent in his family. Having amassed an impressive collection, his goal has always been to share the music and accompanying information with other fans, to help keep music relevant in our lives. It’s no secret that the way music communicates with people is unsurpassed by anything else; Hevehitta and DJ Unexpected are just grateful to have a platform to share and teach others about it. Follow DJ Unexpected on Twitter @DJUnexpected

    Contact DJ Unexpected!

    Hevehitta (Enjoy and Be Educated)

    The Diggers UnionA Poughkeepsie, NY native, Hevehitta got his start in the business working at a college radio station, but initially was just a fan like the rest of us. A record, mixtape and Kung-Fu film connoisseur, he was able to bring his knowledge of these elements into his radio show, and he later spread that wisdom through the release of mixtapes in 2006 (upon meeting DJ Unexpected). Fast forward to the present, and his progression continues in the form of “Enjoy And Be Educated” on BBOX Radio. The mastermind behind many of the duo’s releases (50 plus), he has alsoenjoyed notoriety in the industry with several mixtape/entertainment award nominations. Rest assured that this is only the beginning for this lifelong “Student Of The Game.” Follow the Digger’s Union on twitter @TheDiggersUnion

    Contact Hevehitta!

    Kangaroo Sue (Sue Code)

    Kangaroo SueHey, I’m Kangaroo Sue, photographer, music lover, and always a fan first. I’m associated with The Fresh Coast Society & K. Sue Loves You. I’m often ranting and raving, about the day to day from relationships, to wondering if its REALLY “trickin if you got it,” so I decided, “why not make a show out of it” with the #SueCode? Follow me on twitter at @KangarooTheSue.

    Contact Kangaroo Sue!

    Magnetic (Screwed Loose)

    The lesbian with big breasts and a bigger brain. Catch me co-hosting on Screwed Loose with On1. I talk about titties, politics, getting drunk, and current affairs all in the same breath. I have an obsession with ladybugs, blackbirds, and jellyfish. I like to get drunk off E&J at a live show or a raging house party one day and sit quietly in a corner with my nose in a book the next. I’m a whirlwind, chaotic, complicated soul and have affectionately been told on a number of occasions that everyday with me is an adventure. I have a miniature reindeer of a dog named Ruby and I love the shit out of flowers. My iTunes library ranges from Billie Holiday to Red Hot Chili Peppers to Lauryn Hill to Tupac and everything in between. Locally, I listen to Ripynt, Lacosa, Q Dot, JC Flow and many, many, many others. Also, I say ‘fuck’ way more than I should, but fuck it. Visit ripynt.bandcamp.com if you’re a cool kid. Or a nerd. #NerdSwag. Follow me on twitter at @LadyMagnetic.

    Contact Magnetic!

    Maz (Screwed Loose)

    Maz joins On 1 & Magnetic on Juice’s indy show Screwed Loose. While he may hold his tongue or opinion unlike the other two his freestyle segment called Off the Top Hip Hop usually showcases his flow with whatever guest is sharing the studio. He is married with three dogs and on his free time, Maz likes to enjoy life, and spend time with his closest family and friends.

    Miss Special (Special Sunday)

    Miss SpecialMiss Special is a 23 year old woman who has been passionate about radio since she was 10 years old. In May of 2012 she graduated from San Francisco State University with a BA degree in Broadcast Electronic Communication Arts (BECA) with an emphasis in Radio Broadcasting and a minor in Communications. At SF State’s radio station, KSFS, she has been Promotions Manager and General Manager, and Events Coordinator. In addition to “Special Sundays”, she has done public address announcing for SF State women’s athletics and radio shows on KCRH at Chabot College and KDVS at UC Davis. She interned at 106.1 KMEL for over three years and co-hosted, as well as, produced The Mansion Show with Drew Hef Saturday night/Sunday mornings from 1:00-5:00am. In the summer of 2012 she interned at Sirius XM for Shade 45′s “All Out Show”. Now, she brings her talents to Juice with the syndication of her show Special Sunday! Follow her on twitter at @MISS1SPECIAL.

    Contact Miss Special!

    On 1 (Screwed Loose)

    Diggy BozOn 1On 1 is a cyborg sine traveler on hiatus from his mission as a quantum biofeedback modulation inspector in the Pegasi solar system. He is currently undergoing testing for the inexplicably enormous amount of electropropulsive waves he emits which causes him to bind as one with all technology on our planet. His body converts tetrahydrocannabinol into perfectly mixed audio waves, his diet consists entriely of nothing but hickory-smoked thick-cut peppered deli bacon and Yoohoo chocolate milk, and his beard hair is said to be the highest potency source of Bohrium on the face of the Earth.

    He hosts the independent hip hop show “Screwed Loose” with his co-hosts Magnetic and Maz Saturday nights at 7pm PST. You can also find him all over the www.nwczradio.com airwaves as well. Follow him on twitter at @ScrewedLoose.

    Contact On 1!

    Q Dot (Tre’dmarks Radio)

    Q DotQ Dot is a jack of all trades, but a master of none. He’s a Federal Way birthed piano playing rapper that’s been recognized by the Grammy’s, the original founder of Juice Radio, amateur impressionist, an event organizer, sports enthusiast, tour booker, history nerd, currently enrolled in college for a music degree, owner of a Bulldog named Bongo, and an all around busy guy that appreciates artists that are honest and genuine. He also co-hosts Tre’dmarks Radio with THa BiZNi$ MaN of which showcases and shares the goings on of the music label he is a big part of. Follow him on twitter at @IAMQDOT.

    Contact Q Dot!

    THa BiZNi$ MaN (Tre’dmarks Radio, Smoove Grooves)

    Tha Biznes manReese THa BiZNi$ MaN is an insurance broker by day and an aspiring music business mogul (if that’s what you want to call it, hahaha) by night. THa BiZNi$ MaN keeps it  pretty low key like the space bar, but loves to help, inspire and motivate others. As COO of Tre’dmarks Music Group and its subsidiaries, which includes Juice Radio, Reese’s primary objective is business management and development. So in that he does whatever is necessary to keep the business functioning and growing at the same time, whether it be building relationships, strategic planning, scouting for new team members, financial backing, promotion, artist management, sweeping the floors or anything else that needs to be done, he’ll step in to help get it done. With all that in mind THa BiZNi$ MaN decided to embark on a new journey and create a Sunday night show with a Grown and Sexy feel called “Smoove Grooves” which is tailored to those who enjoy R&B cutz from the early 2000s and prior. The show was created to provide more R&B to the listening pleasure of Juice Radio. You can catch THa BiZNi$ MaN co-hosting Tre’dmarks Radio with Q Dot on Wednesday Nights @ 7 PST and Smoove Grooves on Sunday Nights @ 8 PST. Follow him on Twitter at @WhoIsCoachReese.

    Contact THa BiZNi$ MaN!


    Darren Selector (Come Down Wake Up)

    Darren SelectorD-Select is a man cut from a different cloth, but his personality is infectious. The man who names himself after the former term for reggae/dancehall DJ’s for selecting riddims has a wide appreciation for music of all genres. On our sister station, the Northwest Convergenze Zone, he hosts a rock show called Grit Rock while he has sense joined forces with On 1 to host Juice Radio’s Sunday morning alternative show, The Come Down Wake Up.

    Contact Darren Selector!

    Grandma Cat (Green Stream)

    Grandma CatGrandma Cat is a strong member at our sister station, the Northwest Convergence Zone, and a motivated activist for the full legalization of marijuana beyond just Washington State. She now joins the Juice Radio family with co-host On 1 as they host Green Stream educating the public about the future and the news on the herb we all love!

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