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    Show Page Updated!

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    Today we took the time to update our show page with all new photos of the hosts to compliment the descriptions! We hope you enjoy! Here’s a photo featuring everyone on staff all together!

    Left to Right: Q Dot, B Free, Tha Bizne$$ Man, On 1, Magnetic, D-Money, J Sane & Maz

    Not pictured: DJ Sleepy, Sye Hollywood, R.O., McAnderson Jones & DJ SETitOFF

    Cognac & Cutz delayed an hour

    by  • February 10, 2012 • Cognac & Cutz, Fri 8-11pm • 0 Comments

    Cognac & Cutz fans tonight’s show is on a one hour delay due to technical difficulties. Tune in at 8pm PST right here on Juice Radio to the show and catch DJ Sleepy, McAnderson Jones, and company at their normal time at 7pm next week!

    Juice Radio is back!

    by  • January 20, 2012 • Cognac & Cutz, Fri 8-11pm, Fresh Coast Faceoff, Fresh Juice, Thurs 7-9pm • 0 Comments

    And you thought a lil snow was gonna stop us? Well, it did for a day, but we are back and up running full speed again! The Fresh Juice episode that would have aired last night is currently being recorded by host D-Money and will be available on podcast later today giving yet another two hours straight of new music. As well, we’re about to post our new faceoff between Camila Recchio & Wicked Genius. All this plus, we got an article we want to share with you that all you indy heads will want to read immeadiately, a link to buy Sol’s new release “Yours Truely” which sits at #4 on itunes already, new rotation added later today, and Cognac & Cutz will go down tonight at 7pm as scheduled hosted by DJ Sleepy & Sye Hollywood! Let’s go!!!

    Happy MLK Day from Juice Radio!

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    From everyone on staff here at Juice Radio we wish you a happy Martin Luther King Jr. day. Please take at least a few minutes out of your day to realize that the reason you got off from work or school today is for an idea that is even bigger than the man we memorialize. Equality is not a natural phenomenom because it is only realized by those that see outside of themselves and what others dictate is the “right way” to treat others. People in the 1960′s such as Martin Luter King fought against these ideas by using respectful and non-violent means. So today as you enjoy your day off please think for yourself rather than just accept the aspects of what everyone else says is the right or even cool thing to do. Buy a local artist’s album, go see an independent film, give the homeless dude a break and spare him some change, and reflect on the diversity of the wonderful people in your life that you call your friends!

    D-Money, On 1, DJ Sleepy, Sye Hollywood, DJ SETitOFF, Jump Juice, J Sane, Q Dot, Tha Bizne$$ Man, and everyone here at Juice Radio wish you a very happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!