• Season 3 Premiere behind the scenes warm-up except

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    So this week on Screwed Loose, not only is it Episode 1 of Season 3, but we recorded a special 3 and a half hour, 2-part show. The first part features good friend of the show, Produktive, and his new partner in rhymes and guitar licks, Patrick Riefflin aka P.A.T., and they both brought their instrument of choice. With Pro rocking the MPC as P.A.T. loops his guitar licks and improvised percussion while both of them freestyle and sing over the playback, it’s about as raw and pure creative genius as it gets. They got new music to play too, and as always the banter is hilarious.

    In the second part of the episode, Seattle’s living legend Outrageous joins us on the mic and we get some crazy stories out of him! Not only that, but he brought a grip of new music with him too, including tracks he’d just finished at Undercaste Studios immediately before coming to the show. It gets pretty deep, you won’t believe some of the things he has to say! Tune in and listen to what you been missin

    Special behind-the-scenes sneak peek of Produktive and P.A.T.

    While they were warming up before the show and we were getting levels, we recorded some amazing freestyle beat looping and lyricism that we HAVE to share with you! It’s a little 15 minute exclusive sneak peek, pre-funk to the premiere of Season 3 here on Screwed Loose! Check it out:

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    Green Stream Podcast Episode 04

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    This week we recorded an episode remotely from Frankie’s Pub in Olympia and got some great interviews on scene. Unfortunately, we had some technical difficulties and had to Jimmyrig the recording setup, so the quality of the mixing and recording might be a little off, but we’ll be much more prepared to do it again in the future. There is still a lot of great information on this week’s show as we talk to Chuck and Ally from Canna Health, dabber patron Ryan, and of course the owner Frank Schnarr!

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    New podcast of Green Stream!

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    Here is the latest podcast of Green Stream for your downloading pleasure! Grandma Cat is back this week, and we get attorney Aaron Pelley on the phone with us to talk about DUID and how to protect yourself. With also give Frank Schnarr from Frankie’s Bar & Grill on the phone too and get an update from his situation.

    Lots to talk about this week, tune in and join the conversation!

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    Green Stream Episode 2 Podcast

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    Tweet Here is this week’s podcast for the Green Stream show. Grandma Cat was out sick for this episode, but we’re happy to report she is feeling better now. On 1 and Tim took over, though, and had a great interview with Frank Schnarr, owner of Frankie’s Pub in Olympia who has been letting...

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